Audio Algorithms

We offer two versions of our audio post production algorithms:
Singletrack Audio Post Production (the normal/simple version) and Multitrack Audio Post Production. Both kinds of algorithms analyze your audio content and classifies the audio file into small and meaningful segments like music, silence, different speakers, etc. to process every single segment with the best matching algorithms. All our features like the Adaptive Leveler, Noise Reduction, Adaptive Filtering, Speech Recognition and so on, are built on top of this basic processing.

Our Singletrack Audio Post Production Algorithms need one mono or stereo master audio file as input, where the content is already mixed (multiple speakers, music). Auphonic then processes the master audio file and adjusts loudness, filters noise, etc.

The Multitrack Post Production Algorithms require multiple, parallel input files - one file per track (each track might be stereo or mono).
This is useful if you record every speaker of your conversation and also music in a separate track. Then we can automatically mix all tracks and perform automatic gating, crosstalk removal, automatic ducking, etc.
Please read the Multitrack Best Practice before using our multitrack algorithms!


Auphonic Multitrack is more difficult to use, because you need more input data and settings.
If you are new to Auphonic and audio processing, you should probably start with our simple, Singletrack Version!