Auphonic Web Service

The Auphonic web service analyzes your content and performs automatic audio post production (loudness, leveling, audio restoration, etc.), encoding to multiple file formats with correct metadata tagging and chapter marks, includes an automatic speech recognition system and can publish the results to multiple locations automatically.

To process an audio or video file, one must create a Production in our web system.
Common settings and metadata for a group of productions (e.g a podcast series) can be stored in Presets.
If you want to process multiple parallel tracks/files, we developed a special Multitrack Production for advanced users.

The Batch Productions Interface or our Watch Folders can be used for file-based, automated batch processing of audio file collections.

Furthermore we offer a complete Auphonic API for script-based processing of audio/video files, for integrations of our services and algorithms into external workflows and third-party applications. If you run/use a podcast hosting (or similar) service, it is also possible to integrate your service as publishing target within Auphonic.