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We develop next generation audio algorithms using a combination of music information retrieval, machine learning, signal processing and big data to create automatic audio post production software for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, movies, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts and more.
Users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest: neither complicated parameter settings nor audio expert knowledge is necessary and our algorithms keep learning and adapting to new data every day!
Watch our Introduction Video (old), listen to some Audio Examples and see Articles/Podcasts about Auphonic to get an impression of our systems!

We are always open for new projects and collaborations – contact us if you want to work with us!


Georg Holzmann

Georg is an audio engineer with passion for machine learning, signal processing, everything related to audio and computer music, open source software, web development and much more.

Discussions and repeating questions from audio producers led him to the idea of an automatic audio post production web service, this was the birth of Auphonic.

Previously he worked at scientific institutions (machine learning, audio processing), as a web developer and realized many technology driven, artistic projects.
For more information visit

André Rattinger

André is a student of Software Development and Business Management at Graz University of Technology. Besides studying he is an enthusiastic python and web developer and a passionate coffee drinker.

If he can't be found in front of his computer, he is probably roasting coffee or trying out a new recipe.

Besides Auphonic he works on different python open source projects, including user interface design and web development.

Ferdinand Fuhrmann

Coming from sound engineering, Ferdinand has a strong background in audio processing and machine listening. As a declared music enthusiast, his main interests include nearly everything related to music, both from an artistic and technological perspective. Besides he is still trying to pursue his great passion of playing in rock bands...

In recent years he was mainly involved in academia, where he was doing research related to automatic processing of music, writing scientific papers, and teaching undergrads.
Yet he earned a PhD degree on that and was even seen in the media!

Florian Hollerweger

Florian has contributed to the field of music technology as an artist, researcher, and lecturer. As an audio engineer, he has a particular interest in 3D sound spatialization. As a practising sound artist, he is concerned with aural awareness in everyday environments.

Florian has been associated with academic institutions in Austria, California, Northern Ireland, Germany, and New Zealand. He enjoys sailing and playing badminton.

More information can be found on Florian's notoriously undermaintained website:

Christoph Pojer

Christoph is a software engineer focused on mobile web development. He works on the Auphonic app for iOS and Android.

He is about to finish his bachelor's degree in Software Development and Business Management at the Graz University of Technology. Besides this exhausting task he spends his time on anything that catches his attention for more than five minutes.

More info about Christoph:


Podlove, Metaebene Personal Media

Podlove is an initiative by Metaebene Personal Media to improve the overall technical infrastructure for podcasting by pushing new software solutions and open formats.
Auphonic is part of the Podlove Network, other project are the Podlove Podcast Plugin for WordPress, the Podlove Web Player, Bitlove, Instacast, the Xenim Streaming Network and more.
The initiator of Podlove, Tim Pritlove, is a full-time podcaster based in Germany and was an Auphonic user since the very beginning. He is cleary the person who influenced our service the most, by giving constant and invaluable feedback.
We cannot express how thankful we are for his support!
Tims podcasts can be found at Metaebene Podcasts.

Science Park Graz

The Science Park Graz is the local version of the Austrian high-tech incubator network AplusB (Academia plus Business).
These incubators are linked to academic institutions and they support the development of technology-based projects for a period of 1.5 years with a free office space, some small financial aids, support in non-technical areas and a close collaboration with scientific partners here in Graz.
Special thanks to Otmar Kühner, Bernhard Weber, Sonja Buchegger and Dagmar Böhm for their ongoing support and help!

Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM)

The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) is a multidisciplinary research center within the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts. Research activities are concentrated mainly in digital signal processing, audio engineering and psycho acoustics, e.g. projects in analysis and syntheses of sound and loudness perception.
The IEM supports our research in signal processing and music information retrieval, many thanks to Dr. Alois Sontacchi for his time and valuable inputs.

Dept. Social Learning at CIS TU Graz

The Abteilung Vernetztes Lernen (Department of Social Learning), at the Graz University of Technology, performs research in the areas of E-Learning, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Social Learning, Podcasts, Open Content etc.
They are recording lectures at the TU Graz and built knowledge in optimizing post production workflows, which should be further enhanced in the collaboration with Auphonic.
These guys are very open minded and supportive - special thanks to Ypatios Grigoriadis and Walther Nagler from the Podcasting team!