Use Cases

Auphonic is built for podcasts, radio, broadcasters, lecture and conference recordings, movies, audiobooks, screencasts and more.


With our easy-to-use web tool, you can take the quality of your podcast to the next level. You upload your episode and our AI algorithms do the rest.

My benefits as a podcaster

  • Improve your podcast quality by balancing levels between speakers and using loudness normalization
  • Remove unwanted noises and sibilance (De-Esser) to create a warm and pleasant sound
  • Upgrade the listening experience by creating enhanced podcasts with chapters and transcriptions
  • Publish audio and video versions to your podcast hosters and platforms automatically

Creating a podcast can be a complex and time-consuming process. From coming up with episode ideas to getting your content out to listeners, there are many details to consider. That's where Auphonic comes in. With just a few clicks, we take care of audio post production for you, so you can focus on what matters most - your content. No need to spend hours learning new software or fine-tuning audio settings - Auphonic's algorithms do the work for you. Your podcast will sound professional and polished, helping you attract more listeners and grow your monthly downloads.

Educational Content

Say no to poor lecture recordings and bad learning outcomes.

My benefits in education

  • Make questions and statements from the audience heard in lecture or webinar recordings
  • Eliminate unwanted noises or distractions, enhancing the overall listening experience
  • Improve the accessibility by adding state-of-the-art transcriptions and chapter marks
  • Automate your workflows with seamless platform integrations or the Auphonic API

Poor audio quality can greatly impact the overall quality of educational videos, detracting from the viewing experience. Auphonic offers the perfect solution with our easy-to-use web tool for AI post production. Whether your educational videos were recorded in a controlled environment or a challenging location, Auphonic's algorithms can easily enhance the audio, eliminating unwanted noise or distractions. By using Auphonic, you can focus on the educational aspect while knowing that your audio will be crystal clear and easy to understand for your students.

Video Creation

Good-quality audio is more crucial to a successful video than high-quality imagery.

My benefits as a video creator

  • Remove noises and improve the audio quality of your videos while saving time in the editing room
  • Meet all common audio specifications of platforms like Netflix, broadcasters and commercials in one click
  • Make your videos accessible by adding transcriptions
  • Publish to video platforms like YouTube and create audio-only versions automatically

While focusing on the perfect shot, the audio quality of videos often falls short. But poor audio quality can ruin the viewing experience. That's where Auphonic comes in. Our post production tool will take care of the fine-tuning for you, ensuring that you fulfill all common audio specifications (loudness, true peak level, dialogue normalization, MaxLRA, MaxM, MaxS) of broadcasters, commercials or video platforms automatically. So why not let Auphonic take care of the audio while you focus on the other aspects of video production?


With Auphonic, you post produce your audiobook in a matter of minutes. Deliver high-quality content that hooks your audience right from the start.

My benefits as an audiobook creator

  • Automatically fulfill audio specifications required by major platforms such as Audible
  • Remove unwanted noises and sibilance (De-Esser) to create a warm and pleasant voice
  • Add chapter marks to help your listeners navigate through your content
  • Automate your publishing workflow with presets and seamless integrations

Professional audiobook production no longer requires a team of sound engineers. With Auphonic, you can easily create your next high-quality audiobook. Our post production tool is designed to edit and enhance speech recordings, eliminating unwanted noise or sibilance while preserving the essence of your content. And if you have existing sound effects that you want to keep, we won't compromise on their quality. With Auphonic, your audiobook will have a polished, professional sound that even the most discerning listeners will appreciate.

Experience the easiest post production ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Auphonic for free for up to 2 hours of audio each month. That way, you can fully test our algorithms and services without any commitment.

Yes. Certain features like batch productions or watch folders for workflow automation are only available for premium users. You can find out more about our premium features on our pricing page.

Yes, we integrate with several tools which can be used for file transfers, to automatically publish your productions or to automate your workflow. Find out more about our integrations here.

You can simply upload the entire video or only the audio track to Auphonic. We will split the audio track from your video, and get it back to you in one piece.

Yes, Auphonic has special multitrack algorithms that can take care of that. Multiple parallel input audio tracks/files are analyzed and then processed individually and combined to create the final mixdown automatically.

Yes, Auphonic is the perfect tool for you to never worry about admission criteria for different platforms (Audible, Netflix, Spotify, etc.) or broadcasters (EBU R128, ATSC A/85, radio, commercials) again. You can define a set of target parameters (integrated loudness, true peak level, dialog normalization, MaxLRA, MaxM, MaxS) and we will produce the audio accordingly in one click.