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Auphonic develops intelligent audio algorithms using a combination of AI and signal processing to create an automatic audio post production web service - an audio autopilot for podcasts, broadcasters, radio, movies, audiobooks, lecture recordings, and more.

Help us shape the future of audio algorithms and the audio web!

Hundreds of thousands rely on our services and algorithms, which keep adapting to new data every day. Try your ideas and new technologies, get fast feedback, and learn from it!
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Signal Processing and Machine/Deep Learning Engineer

As an experienced developer, you will play a key role in creating the new signal processing and machine learning algorithms of Auphonic.
From simple audio engineering tricks, over classical signal processing theory to big deep learning models, we encourage you to look into your own ideas on how to improve existing algorithms or work on new solutions. You will experiment with our large-scale, real-world datasets on cloud infrastructure.

Your ideal profile:
  • Strong interest in audio engineering, recording, mixing, podcasts
  • Classical audio signal processing theory (filtering, FFTs, sampling, MFCCs, VAD, etc.)
  • Machine learning (feature extraction, SVMs, spectral clustering, LSTMs, CNNs, GRUs, etc.)
  • Excellent software development skills: Python (numpy, scipy, keras/Pytorch, Cython), C/C++, Linux/Bash, git
  • Self-motivated, ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes
  • Relevant degree from a university or equivalent experience

We encourage you to apply for this position (or an equivalent junior position) even if you’re still developing some of these skills!

We offer:
  • Part-time (>= 25h/week) or full-time (38.5h/week) employment, see IT Collective Agreement
  • € 55.000 gross per year (full-time) or more, depending on your qualifications and experience
  • Work remote (with regular company retreats), in our office in Graz or in Grub
  • Austrian social insurance: health, accident, pension, and unemployment insurance
  • 25 days personal plus ~13 days public paid holidays per year, see paid leave
  • Flexible time management for a healthy work-life balance (no all-in contracts, no overtime)

How to apply:
Please send your CV and links to some of your past projects to

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