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@PodcastMovement We should always strive for good levels on our files coming out of our DAW but @auphonic is a life saver for final polishing and leveling.
12:20 PM Jun 3, 2023
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@DisfunkGlee I always run my episodes through auphonic. I’m a huge fan
1:39 AM Jun 3, 2023
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Auphonic - Sweetens My Audio and More… @auphonic
4:21 AM May 26, 2023
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@auphonic @podlove_org @Sendezentrum @ultraschall_fm Wie oft ich in Podcasts ähnliches höre, wie: “Dann hoffe ich mal, das die Magie von auphonic brauchbares aus dieser Aufnahme macht!” 😂😂😂 Nicht Blumen, sondern Grund zum Lob!
11:29 AM May 16, 2023
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@auphonic It's amazing!!!! Works like magic. It completely removed an ambulance from the background and some noise caused by the hair touching the microphone.(bad mic placement from me l, I know)
15:59 PM Apr 27, 2023
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If you've got some sound issues with audio recordings try @auphonic 2/4
18:08 PM Apr 22, 2023
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Thank you @auphonic for saving our first episode from the trash heap 👏👏
7:32 AM Apr 2, 2023
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@Bodoni_italic I can't help with the live show part of things, but I've been super happy with @auphonic for post-production intelligent mixing. Their system is very good at smartly boosting/ducking multiple voices to keep everyone intelligible even when multiple people are talking.
3:10 AM Mar 29, 2023
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@lexrodba You could try @auphonic. It helps me a lot!
16:59 PM Mar 28, 2023
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@Visunia Ich nutze @auphonic. Bin grosser Fan.
14:39 PM Mar 28, 2023
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Moving fast and keeping the innovation going! Love that about Auphonic.…
14:51 PM Mar 13, 2023
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@Hoaxilla @auphonic Oh ja. Auphonic sorgt echt dafür, dass man gut klingt, egal wie dumm man sich bei der Aufnahme anstellt. ^^
13:43 PM Feb 12, 2023
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@CryptoCoffeePod The NUMBER 1 app I swear by with every podcast episode is Auphonic Leveler... @auphonic I run every recording thru this tool and it removes hum, background noise and levels sounds with the click of one button!
2:29 AM Jan 26, 2023
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Auphonic - Upload single or multitrack, and it analyzes the audio and auto-levels, does loudness normalization to LUFS standards, cuts out dead air, compresses, etc. I used this for my old podcast and it was amazing. 100% worth all of the money.
16:02 PM Jan 23, 2023
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Say you are getting into podcasting. You have guests or a co-host. But we struggle because you spend time trying to turn up someone who is quieter, or turn down someone louder. Auphonic makes it so easy. Used it for years. #podcasting #tips
19:23 PM Jan 9, 2023
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Woah @auphonic's audio post-processing AI works so well 🤯 Thanks @jmckinven, for the recommendation
16:30 PM Jan 5, 2023
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Fellow podcasters, I cannot recommend Auphonic enough. Its so good I use it for my commercial work.…
8:16 AM Dec 22, 2022
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Welcher Podcaster kennt es nicht? Ein Klassiker. /cc @auphonic
19:09 PM Dec 20, 2022
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Auphonic saves me so much time. I can enjoy watching anime with my wife instead editing audio in my office.
3:31 AM Dec 9, 2022
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I'm honestly still amazed how many creators are clueless about automated audio sweetening tools like Auphonic...
23:37 PM Dec 7, 2022
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I just want to give @auphonic a shoutout for their audio processing. Their level-balancing between a music track and two spoken tracks is alone worth the money. They have saved me so much work
23:23 PM Nov 3, 2022
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Looking for an easy high-quality way to post-produce your podcast? 👉 @auphonic 👈 Trust me when I tell you... They figured it out.
18:54 PM Nov 2, 2022
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@iSchack Ich nutze die integrierten Übersetzungsoptionen von @auphonic so wie ich generell @auphonic nutze.
11:30 AM Oct 21, 2022
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@Nervoussystem91 @Simplecast @HolographicVA If under pressure and no time to manually correct over dynamic audio or poor balance, I wish everyone at the least would reach for and use the Adaptive Leveller of @auphonic’s. It’s like a good SM in light speed AI form.
21:56 PM Aug 31, 2022
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Und ohne so tolle Software wie dem fantastischen @ultraschall_fm und dem magischem @auphonic gäbe es diesen Podcast in dieser Form vermutlich nicht. *verneigt sich*
19:16 PM Jul 7, 2022
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@markonproduct I'd run it through @auphonic - it'll level and balance it, and has options for noise filtering too. I do all my own production and clean up but I still put it through Auphonic at the end to finish it off
22:07 PM Jul 1, 2022
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Auphonic ist echt so ein gutes Tool. Gestern mit begrenzten Mitteln und dadurch mäßigem Ton etwas aufgenommen - und nachdem ich es da durchgejagt habe, klingt die Aufnahme richtig ordentlich. #podcast
10:15 AM Jun 28, 2022
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• Audio Processing @auphonic makes audio processing a breeze. Upload your audio/video after editing, and Auphonic does the rest to make it sound good. With the 2 hours FREE every month, you can easily record multiple videos.
22:13 PM May 24, 2022
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Luckily, @buzzsprout put me on to . Here's the improvement provides. Lower graph is the original. Upper is the fix! To a newbie to podcasting like me, this is nothing short of a miracle! Thankyou @buzzsprout and @auphonic 2/2
1:33 AM May 11, 2022
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Working on upcoming podcast episodes. @auphonic has made this process very easy with editing and handling my basic needs. Thank you for existing. #podcast #audiocontent #audiomix
14:46 PM May 6, 2022
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@jcasabona I've been using for some time and like it a lot. It really balances the levels between myself and guests nicely. There are probably other ways to do this for free, but it's worked pretty well for me.
14:00 PM Apr 14, 2022
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The other service I have fallen in love with is @auphonic Thank you for saving me endless time in the production process!
20:26 PM Mar 31, 2022
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As a hobby podcaster, I must say that @auphonic have saved me from scrapping episodes more often than even the Levelator. A truly wonderful tool, with a great support staff!
11:52 AM Mar 18, 2022
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Thanks to @BobWP for recommending @auphonic - I am now using and paying for it - It rocks!
20:13 PM Mar 10, 2022
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Just a reminder for those who are starting podcasts with guests. If you struggle with balancing out the voice levels on your shows, just run the final file through @auphonic Works like magic. Also great for compressing files.
21:25 PM Mar 9, 2022
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@DsMatie cleans up your audio. Super simple to use. I think they started it for podcasts a few years ago.
23:05 PM Mar 8, 2022
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Auphonic is a godsend. If you have a loud talker 📣 and a soft talker 🤫 - no problem!
20:40 PM Feb 11, 2022
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If you are into Podcasting or any forms of content creation. Auphonic might help you to improve your audio to the next level. people will forgive you for not having good video quality , but they will never forgive you for having bad audio. Here's the step by step comparison👇
16:45 PM Feb 12, 2022
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The Ransomware Files podcast episodes have now been re-mastered - or to put it more accurately - mastered for the first time. I used the magic algorithmic goodness that is , which is a very impressive service. The episodes are louder, cleaner and more balanced.
0:26 AM Feb 6, 2022
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Recording is fun the editing is a process!!! Thank you #buzzsprout #garageband and #auphonic for making the process simple!!!
16:20 PM Feb 1, 2022
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Day two of editing my Twitter course. Overnight, @auphonic has leveled, noise-reduced, and generally beautified my 4h20m of audio. Today, I'll reintegrate the audio with the greenscreen video, and finally add the slides and screencasts to the mix. The course is taking shape!
14:23 PM Jan 26, 2022
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@DreherPhrasen Wir nutzen den tollen Service von @auphonic.
19:41 PM Jan 24, 2022
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If you create podcasts, try running your audio through Auphonic. Clean, normalised, hum-free audio. Your listeners no longer need to keep their finger on the volume button in case it's too loud or quiet.
15:34 PM Jan 7, 2022
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@DanielZarick Run the audio through Auphonic and it'll be just fine.
19:52 PM Nov 16, 2021
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@DannyBrownCA @auphonic Auphonic is awesome. 👏🏼
2:57 AM Nov 16, 2021
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Podcasters - there's an awesome tool called @auphonic (free or premium) that offers multiple great features. But two to use every episode are Adaptive Leveller and Loudness Normalization. Use them. Love them. Your listeners will. :) #podcasting #IndiePodcast #PodNation
2:14 AM Nov 16, 2021
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@saranosocks Auphonic and never go back....
19:31 PM Nov 4, 2021
twitter profile image
Ich nutze @auphonic
0:12 AM Nov 5, 2021
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@DWRshow @SeanHeckman @Valvoline @RyanEversley @continentaltire @Acura @auphonic does incredible things to fix podcast audio. I use it every week for our show.
3:35 AM Oct 29, 2021
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Step 1 in my podcast editing workflow is always @auphonic. The main problem in our audio is always cross talk. Our space is really small so our mics always pick up a bit of the opposite voice. Auphonic cleans this perfectly, making it ready for Step 2 in @DescriptApp.
23:17 PM Oct 26, 2021
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What our Customers say about us

"I have been using Auphonic since the very early days of the service and rely on it to master my podcast. I have used Auphonic to master over 1500 episodes across two separate podcasts over ten years. Every podcaster should use this service to get pro-level audio mastering without paying a professional."
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Todd Cochrane CEO @ Blubrry
"Auphonic is an industry favourite - they have always been first-movers for fire & forget automatic audio post production services. They make end-to-end podcast, "broadcast, radio, movie, and screencast production easier!"
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Chris Mottes CEO @ Hindenburg
"With automatic audio optimization of podcast episodes, Auphonic helps Julep Hosting customers to provide a great listening experience to their podcast audience."
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Christian Rymarenko COO @ Julep
"TU Graz strives to elevate education. We rely on Auphonic for high-quality audio in our lecture recordings. The integration of Whisper (an automatic speech recognition system by openAI) is enabling us to stay on the cutting edge of technological developments and offer state-of-the-art, inclusive services to our students and staff."
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Ypatios Grigoriadis Edu. Tech. @ TU Graz

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In this case, you cannot start any new production. If you need more credits, you can purchase a subscription or one-time credits on our pricing page.

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