Today we launched the open source Auphonic Mobile App for Android – download it from the Google Play Store!

UPDATE: we released a new Android App in 2016!

Some impressions:
Recording InterfaceProduction View

It includes the same features as our Auphonic Mobile App for iOS:

In contrast to the iOS version, on Android it's also possible to create productions from pre-existing local audio and video files!

At the moment the Auphonic Audio Recorder is supported for Android 4.0.3 or higher. If you have an older device, consider to upgrade using Cyanogen Mod!.


It's unfortunately not possible to change the input gain of the microphone on an Android device. This can result in clipped audio in loud environments!
If you want that Google developers change this, please vote for this ticket!

Audio Recording Example

The following example is a recording with the internal microphone of a Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus, the get an idea of the available audio quality.

1. Unprocessed Audio:
2. Processed with Auphonic (no Noise Reduction):
3. Processed with 100dB Noise Reduction:


We are very happy to have our first Android version released! If you want to have a look on the code, here is the Auphonic Mobile github repository.
Please let us know if you experience any problems or bugs and enjoy our app :) !

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