A new foray into the world of video: Auphonic is proud to announce support for intro and outro videos! With our most recent update you can now seamlessly integrate video intros and outros into your productions, providing a richer and more engaging experience for your audience.

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What's new?

For a long time Auphonic has supported video files as the main files of productions. Until recently, intros and outros were limited to audio-only though.

Our new feature now allows you to add video intros and outros to your productions. This means your content can now begin and end with video clips, adding a professional touch and increasing viewer engagement. Whether you're working on podcasts, audiobooks, or any other type of multimedia content: providing your content both in audio form and in video form is now way easier!

Mixing Audio and Video

A key aspect of this feature is the ability to mix audio and video files effortlessly. If your main production file is a video but your intro is an audio file, Auphonic will automatically generate a video for the intro using a standing image from the main video. This ensures a seamless and visually coherent transition between different media types, maintaining the overall quality and flow of your production.

It works the same way for outros as well. When your main production file is a video file but your outro is audio-only we will generate an outro video from a standing image of the main video.


We also support overlap for video intros and outros. This means you can have your intros and outros start or end slightly before the main content, creating a smoother transition. However, you should know that overlapping intro and outro videos requires us to place a cut in your video intro and outro. Only this way the the audio will stay in sync with the video.

How to add Intro and Outro Videos

Using our new feature is incredibly simple. You can add video intros and outros the same way you would add audio intros and outros in the production form.

A screenshot of the production form where a video intro and a video outro where selected.

Adding video intros and outros is also available through our API, allowing for a smooth integration into your existing workflows and automation processes. Again, adding video intros and outros in the API works the same way it works for audio intros and outros.

Use Cases

There are many different use cases for our new feature! If you, as an example, regularly release episodes of your podcast both as audio and as video, you can now automatically add a recurring video intro and outro without needing to manually edit your videos.

Or, if you're an audio engineer, you may have a large number of recordings of, let's say, a conference. Instead of having to edit each individual conference recording by hand you now can add a common intro and outro to each conference recording automatically using a batch production.

Supported Video Formats

The world of video is a limitless one, with a sheer endless amount of video codecs, resolutions or frame rates to offer. Naturally, this means we are not able to support every arbitrary video format there is. However, we made sure to support the most commonly used video containers and codecs to make sure that at least 99.5% of all video productions will be possible.

Currently we support the 3 most common video containers: MP4, MKV and MOV. For these containers the following codecs are supported:

  • h264: MP4, MKV, MOV
  • mpeg4: MP4, MKV, MOV
  • mpeg2video: MP4, MKV, MOV
  • prores: Only MKV and MOV
  • msmpeg4v3: Only MKV and MOV

Any video intro or outro which uses these containers and codecs can be processed by us. Additionally, we make sure that your output video uses a common format. Therefore, if your video intro or outro uses a different codec or container than your main video we will encode the video intro or outro to the setting of the main video.

Given that video demands significantly more computational ressources than audio the video intros and outros may be 1 minute long at max in order to be processed.


The new intro and outro videos feature on Auphonic is designed to give you more creative control and to help you produce professional, engaging content effortlessly. By supporting a variety of codecs and allowing for the mixing of audio and video we aim to support every possible workflow. We invite you to explore this new feature and see how it can enhance your multimedia productions!


Would you like us to support another video format? Did you stumble across an issue with your video file(s)? Let us know! Simply drop us a message in our contact form or leave a comment in the feedback section on the status page of your specific production.
We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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