Another year is coming to an end: time for Krampus and Nikolaus to rewards the well-behaved ones with gifts – and to fix some remaining bugs from 2015 in our desktop apps :) !
Today we release version 1.7 of the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor and version 1.3 of the Auphonic Multitrack Processor.

A typical Krampus in Austria, image by Johann Jaritz.

As with all minor releases, these are free updates and everyone is invited to download the latest binaries:


This release is mainly a bug fix release.
It fixes memory problems in our noise reduction algorithms, problems when using multiple cores on OSX (thanks a lot to Chris Enns) and it includes a completely new classifier framework with updates for all of our classifiers.

Upgrade now ...

... and don't fear the Krampus:

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