As of today a new update of the free Auphonic iOS Recorder is available in the App Store. It includes workflow improvements, some new features and many bug fixes:

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Recording (left) and Waveform (right) view of the Auphonic Recorder iOS app.


  • Improved recording interface: remaining disk space, format, etc. is displayed during recording.
  • New recorder options menu: microphone and audio format selection, possibility to force mono recordings with stereo microphones.
  • Usability improvements when importing audio from other iOS apps: we removed confusing/duplicated sharing options and fixed problems while decoding files from other apps.
  • Added links to Auphonic productions, presets and external services directly in the app.
  • Possibility to export audio recordings by email (if that is still necessary) besides iOS sharing.
  • Better uploads to and iOS notification fixes.
  • A reworked waveform and marker interface.
  • Fixes for some external microphones.
  • Various bug fixes.

App Overview

Click on the screenshot to see more details:

More information about the Auphonic iOS Recorder can be found in our release blog post: Native Auphonic iOS Recorder 1.0 Release.

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View Auphonic Recorder in App Store

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