Today we released an update of the free Auphonic Edit Android app. It includes support for external storage devices, a new tablet layout, mouse support and much more.

Auphonic Edit is a non-destructive audio editor and recorder with focus on ease of use, high-quality audio and stability. In combination with the integrated Auphonic web service, you can post-process, encode, tag and publish your podcasts, interviews, music recordings on the go with a single click.

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Auphonic Edit 1.1 Changelog

  • Support for External Storage Devices: now you can save your recordings on external USB drives or SD cards.
  • Tablet Layout: new horizontal layout for tablet users.
  • Mouse Support: use an external mouse for audio editing.
  • Introduction Showcase: new help/introduction showcase to get started with Auphonic Edit.
  • High-Quality Resampling: added high-quality resampling algorithms based on lilbsoxr.
  • Various Fixes: for new Android versions, layout/design fixes, performance improvements and much more.

App Overview

Click on the screenshot to see more details:

More information about the Auphonic Android Editor and Recorder can be found in our release blog post: Auphonic Edit 1.0 Audio Editor for Android.

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