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Getting started with podcasting can be a laborious process, because it costs time to produce and money to host a podcast.

At Auphonic, we are constantly trying to make this process simpler and cheaper, not just through our own free automatic audio post production web service, but also by offering tight integration with various third-party ...

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Have you ever wondered how loud your audio productions should be? So have we, because it's a quite tricky question to answer!

On the one hand, you want to make sure your productions are loud enough. For example, they should still appear at a reasonable level in noisy environments (car, airplane, etc.), and their ...

Many different audio file formats exist for storing recorded audio data on a computer system. This post compares various types and gives suggestions on which format one should use, especially when producing podcasts or other online audio.

If you just want to see some practical tips, skip the description and read the conclusion.

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