For those who don't know it yet: we opened the auphonic automatic audio post production web service for the general public!
This means that everyone can create a free account and use the system for the post production of podcasts, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts, or whatever you want. Please let us know what you think and tell us your feature requests!

Click here to create a free account:
Auphonic Registration

Current Audio Algorithms

Only a subset of the auphonic algorithms are activated at the moment, focusing on loudness and level management. Furthermore we filter unnecessary and disturbing frequencies, but more audio restoration algorithms will be online soon.
UPDATE: a first version of our automatic noise reduction is now online!

If you don't have an idea what loudness management means, take a look at this previous blog post: Loudness Normalization and Compression of Podcasts and Speech Audio.
All this can be a quite time consuming ... :)

Auphonic tries to automate the whole process:
  • First we analyze your uploaded audio file and classify speech, music and background segments.
  • We measure momentary, short term and integrated loudness according to the EBU R128 recommendation (see Audio loudness measurement and normalization with EBU R128 for details about the algorithms).
  • Quiet speakers are amplified in speech segments to achieve equal levels between speakers.
  • Music segments are processed with care: the overall loudness will be comparable to speech segments, but we won't destroy the natural dynamics of your music.
  • Limiter and compressors are applied automatically to get a balanced, final mix.

Further Features: Encoding, Metadata, Chapters, File Distribution

Some more features which help to automate the audio production workflow:

Warning: Backup your Data!

Please always backup your data and don't think that it is save on our servers!
We do not intend to store all audio files and will delete them on a regular basis (after a few weeks).


We are very happy that a first version of our automatic audio post production system is online now! If you want to try it, then create an auphonic account.

For those who understand German: Tim Pritlove did a very detailed interview with us in his podcast Der Lautsprecher, LS007 Auphonic. We speak about the underlying algorithms, file formats, metadata and the future of the auphonic project.

Keep in mind that this is still an early access version and we cannot guarantee that it will be perfect in all possible use cases. Let us know if you experience any problems and keep an eye on auphonic, we will release more features soon!

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