After more than two years of free Auphonic, we have to introduce our long promised freemium plans because of financial reasons.

Image from techcello blog.

Good news first: Auphonic is free for 2 hours of monthly processed audio!
If you need more, you can buy Recurring Credits (billed every month) or additional One-Time Credits (billed only once, added on top of free/recurring credits). We hope that this combination is affordable and allows many use cases, from small podcasters to big corporations.

Here are all plans: Auphonic Pricing

Please also read our Pricing FAQ, all details should be answered there!

We Need Feedback

This is an important and difficult step for us. We want to make this change as user friendly as possible, but that's of course not that easy.

Therefore we would be very happy to get some feedback:
Do you think that our model is understandable and reasonable?
Do you think that the pricing is good?

Please let us know what you think per email or in the comments below.
We are very open for suggestions and improvements!

Thanks to the great feedback of our users, we added additional features to donate One-Time Credits to podcasters, to refund Credits of a production and to transfer One-Time Credits to other Auphonic accounts.
For more information see Refund Credits, Donate Credits and Transfer Credits.

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