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A new foray into the world of video: Auphonic is proud to announce support for intro and outro videos! With our most recent update you can now seamlessly integrate video intros and outros into your productions, providing a richer and more engaging experience for your audience.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

What's new?

For a long time Auphonic has supported video files as the main files of productions. Until recently, intros and outros were limited to audio-only though.

Our new feature now allows you to add video intros and outros to your productions. This means ...

Responding to your feedback, we are now proud to present new separate parameters for noise, reverb, and breath reduction to give you more flexible control for your individual, best output results.
Find all the new parameters below and listen to the Audio Examples to get a closer impression of the upgrade.

What's the update about?


Previously, you could only set the Denoising Method and one reduction amount, that was used for all elements.
Depending on the selected method, you were already able to decide whether music, static, or changing noises should be removed, but there was no setting ...

We're excited to roll out an upgraded version of our Transcript Editor, focusing on enhancing your transcription workflow and making it more intuitive, especially for mobile users. This overhaul introduces several key improvements and features designed to streamline the transcription process.

Click here for a Live Demo

What's new?

Line by Line Editing

Your transcript is being rendered line by line. This allows for precise editing of every single timestamp. Depending on the speech recognition engine editing can be done on word or phrase level.
For optimal results, we suggest utilizing our Auphonic Whisper ASR engine.

A paragraph ...

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