We are proud to announce that we recently joined the NVIDIA Inception Program, which will help to speed up our deep learning development process and therefore offer the best possible audio processing tools to our users.

What is NVIDIA Inception

NVIDIA is a global leader in hardware and software for Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Their NVIDIA Inception Program will enable us to leverage NVIDIA's cutting-edge technology by accessing more diverse cloud and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) product offerings, which are used in most Machine Learning and Deep Learning model training instances worldwide. This will allow us to streamline AI development and deployment and train bigger machine-learning models to test and evaluate algorithms faster. The program will also offer us the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations, among other things.

Our Deep Learning Development Process

For our development process, more GPU capacity means a great saving of time and therewith of course a saving of costs. As an example, one training cycle of our dynamic denoiser model takes almost a week trained with GPUs, however the same training cycle trained with CPUs would take several months.

To illustrate, a CPU (Central Processing Unit) can be compared to a race car, which is very fast but can only transfer a small number of packages, while a GPU in this comparison is a big truck, which can transfer a huge number of packages more slowly. Deep learning algorithms require for training very large datasets consisting of thousands of files, therefore our 'trucks', the GPUs, are the best hardware to choose processing multiple computations simultaneously.

The more GPU capacity we can use, the faster we get results for our tested algorithms, and the faster we know which way we should follow to offer our users the best possible audio processing tools.
Unfortunately, the world is right in the middle of a Global Chip Shortage, so the latest GPUs are very hard to get and super expensive to purchase – unless you have a partnership with a GPU manufacturer.


We are happy to join such a renowned program and look forward to the updates to our product that we will be able to implement and potentially a greater industry transformation.

You can read our full press release here: AuphonicNVIDIAInceptionPressRelease (pdf)

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