To start a new decade of automatic audio post production with Auphonic, we are happy to launch a few updates:

New Website Design

Opening the new homepage today, you might have noticed that our website looked different from what you had been used to before. Keeping our customers’ feedback from last year in mind, we designed a new vision for Auphonic.

Our new website features a refreshed look with an improved, more engaging, and functional user experience. Moreover, a more straightforward, intuitive, and accessible navigation will give you a seamless workflow and a comfortable exploration of Auphonic’s features.
We hope it will be easier to explore the diversity of applications that Auphonic has. In the end, however, as before, you will have the same full functionality of Auphonic available to you and some extra features if you are using our paid packages or subscriptions.

Take a look yourself: New Auphonic Landing Page

Free Access to our Advanced and Beta Algorithms

In the past, only paying Auphonic users had access to the advanced algorithm parameters, to multitrack advanced audio algorithms, and to our Dynamic Denoising and AutoEQ beta models.

We now enabled all advanced algorithms for free users, and you can use them for 2 hours of audio free each month!

Using the Dynamic Denoiser, you can define whether Auphonic should remove only static or also fast-changing noises and if we should keep or eliminate music. For even greater speech intelligibility control, it is possible to manually adjust the amount of denoising to strike the perfect balance between clarity and ambiance.

The AutoEQ automatically analyzes and optimizes the frequency spectrum of a voice recording to remove sibilance (De-Esser) and to create a clear, warm, and pleasant sound.
The equalization of multi-speaker audio can be complex and time-consuming, as each voice requires its own unique frequency spectrum equalization. Our AutoEQ simplifies this process by creating separate, time-dependent EQ profiles for each speaker, ensuring a consistent and pleasant sound output despite any changes in the voices during the recording.

Our advanced algorithm parameters help you to meet all common audio specifications of platforms like Netflix, Audible, podcasts, broadcasters (EBU R128, ATSC A/85, radio and mobile, commercials) in one click. You can define a set of target parameters (integrated loudness, true peak level, dialog normalization, MaxLRA, MaxM, MaxS), like -16 LUFS for podcasts, and we will produce the audio accordingly.
In addition, they offer more control for multitrack productions and for the Adaptive Leveler.

We would like to give away free hours for new Auphonic users, to try out our free advanced algorithms. Please use this URL to register your new Auphonic account. the code is valid till end of March 2023 and will give you 5 extra production hours for the next month. Happy content creation!

More Audio Examples

There is no better way to experience Auphonic than hearing the difference our post production tool makes when applied to different types of audio and content.
We are happy to share that our new features page now contains some new audio examples you can listen to explore our web tool, and we will add even more examples in the next weeks.

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