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New Year Discount for all Auphonic Products

Still need expenses to lower taxes for 2014?
We offer discounts for all of our products until New Year 2015:

No special coupon code is necessary to get the discounts, all our prices will be lowered in our web shop until January 1, 2015!

(image by Ginny)

You can also use the discount to donate credits for 2015 to your favourite podcasters!

Happy New Year and have a wonderful 2015!

Connecting Spreaker and Auphonic

We are happy to announce that full import and export possibilities from/to Spreaker are now supported by Auphonic!
Spreaker has a lot to offer for audio producers: audio file hosting with web page, RSS feed generation for multiple shows, advanced audio analytics, embeddable audio player widget, mobile apps and web apps for recording with (optional) live streaming support, full API, RSS feed import, etc. The basic Spreaker account is for free – see pricing if you need more.

Auphonic and Spreaker complement each other perfectly, therefore we implemented a connection to Spreaker as an incoming and outgoing External Service in ...

Auphonic Multitrack Algorithms Release

The Auphonic multitrack algorithms have been in Private Beta since May 2014 and after a long development process and many refinements, we are releasing them to the general public today!

Audio statistics of an Auphonic production with multiple tracks.
Music segments are displayed in red and the speakers in gray.

About Auphonic Multitrack

The Auphonic Multitrack Algorithms use multiple input audio tracks in one production: speech tracks recorded from multiple microphones, music tracks, remote speakers via phone, skype, etc. Auphonic processes all tracks individually as well as combined and creates the final mixdown automatically.

Using the knowledge from signals of ...

Auphonic Leveler Desktop App 1.3 Update for Windows and Mac

Today we released version 1.3 of the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor with many bug fixes and some new features for Mac and Windows. Everyone is invited to download the latest binary!

Now the Auphonic Leveler also supports the upcoming Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10):

New Features in 1.3

In addition to support for OS X Yosemite, we added some other new features:

  • Auto Update Check:
    The Auphonic Leveler will inform you, if a new (free) update is available to download.
  • Fade In / Out:
    Select the time for Fade Ins and Fade Outs in milliseconds at the beginning ...

Freemium Update: Refund Credits, Donate Credits and Transfer Credits

Thanks to the great feedback of our users in the Auphonic Goes Freemium blog post, in private emails and in other articles, we got many ideas what should be changed and can be added to our recently introduced freemium model.

Today we release three ideas to handle Auphonic Credits more flexible:
  • Let your podcast listeners Donate Credits directly to your Auphonic account to support the audio post production of your show.
  • Transfer One-Time Credits to another Auphonic account.
  • Refund Credits of a production if you are not satisfied with our results or if something went wrong.

Image from Ramberg Media ...

Auphonic Goes Freemium

After more than two years of free Auphonic, we have to introduce our long promised freemium plans because of financial reasons.

Image from techcello blog.

Good news first: Auphonic is free for 2 hours of monthly processed audio!
If you need more, you can buy Recurring Credits (billed every month) or additional One-Time Credits (billed only once, added on top of free/recurring credits). We hope that this combination is affordable and allows many use cases, from small podcasters to big corporations.

Here are all plans: Auphonic Pricing

Please also read our Pricing FAQ, all details should be answered there ...

Google Drive Integration in Auphonic

As of today, we also support Google Drive as an external service for incoming and outgoing file transfers to/from Auphonic!
The integration is very similar to our Dropbox interface and described below.

How to Use your Google Drive in Auphonic

First you have to connect your Google Drive account with Auphonic: go to our services page and click the GoogleDrive button. Then you will be redirect to Google and have to accept that Auphonic can access your Google Drive.

To process files with Auphonic (incoming file transfers), you must put them into the folder 'auphonic' in your Google Drive ...

Auphonic Multitrack Private Beta

Last week we presented our new multitrack algorithms at the Podlove Podcaster Workshop in Berlin. Lot's of users asked us about a multitrack version of our system before - now it's here and can be used!
We reworked all our algorithms and therefore start with a private beta program for our long-term users and supporters.

The Auphonic multitrack algorithms are now released officially: Auphonic Multitrack Release.

Audio statistics of an Auphonic production with multiple tracks.
Music segments are displayed in red and the two speakers in gray and black.

What is Multitrack?

Auphonic is optimized to process stereo ...

Noise and Hum Reduction released for the Auphonic Leveler Desktop App

Our Noise and Hum Reduction algorithms are now included in the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor, version 1.2, on Windows and Mac. Note that this is a free update!

Auphonic Noise and Hum Reduction

The Auphonic Noise Reduction algorithms remove broadband background noise in audio files with slowly varying backgrounds.
First the audio file is segmented in regions with different background noise characteristics, then a noise print is extracted in each region and removed from the audio signal. A classifier decides if and how much noise reduction is necessary.
For more details and audio examples see Noise Reduction.

Our Hum ...

Two Years of Auphonic

Two years ago, at March 27 in 2012, we released the Auphonic web service for the general public. It all started with an interview in Der Lautsprecher by Tim Pritlove (German only) at the first Podlove developer meeting and a lot happened since then.

(image by Markus Unger)

Special Birthday Discount for the Auphonic Leveler Desktop App

To celebrate our 2nd birthday, we offer a special discount of -40% for our Auphonic Leveler Desktop App for Mac and Windows (valid for a discounted or commercial license).
Just enter the following coupon code while purchasing a license:


The coupon code ...

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